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Creek Restoration

Family-owned and -operated for nearly 41 years, Parsons Walls believes in doing our part to preserve the environment for generations to come. With that goal in mind, we offer environmentally sound building services for public sector projects in conservation districts.

small creek
restoring creek by fixing nearby trees
full restoration of large creek
restoring creek with concrete walls

Creek Work: Before, during, and after a high water event

Parsons Walls
Parsons Walls

We specialize in the following aquatic restoration services:

  • Fish ladder construction
  • Salmon habitat restoration
  • Dam removal
  • Slope stabilization
  • Earth moving

Fish Habitat Restoration

Also known as fish passages, fish ladders provide a way for migrating fish to bypass a dam or waterfall. Thanks to our extensive experience in aquatic restoration, Parsons specializes in creating custom fish ladders tailored to salmon and several other fish species throughout the West.